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Discretionary Grant Information System

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All MCHB grantees annually submit an abstract for their grant. The abstract includes the problem description, goals and objectives, methodology, results, coordination, evaluation, and annotation. The abstracts in DGIS Web Reports contain additional grant information, including budget data, project director’s name, organization, address and contact information, project focus and scope, project infrastructure focus, as well as products and dissemination.

To conduct an advanced search, choose the search criteria from any of the selections below. The search results can be sorted by the Search Criteria section. After making the selections, click on the Search button to view the annotations of the abstracts meeting the search criteria.

To conduct a search for abstracts submitted prior to FY2005, click the Abstracts Submitted Prior to FY2005 link under Time Period search criteria which will direct you to the MCH Library site.

To clear a selection, press the control key (Windows) or command key (Mac) while clicking a highlighted selection. To clear all selections, click the Clear Form button.


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